The Importance Of High School Education

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I envision IntelliSchool as a place of high school students who have enrolled to finish their high school education that might have been hindered by someone or something. I personally admire these people, who regardless of the struggles they have faced, they still have the audacity to keep growing as a human being. As a public charter school, IntelliSchool is a diverse environment that includes all kinds of socioeconomic groups and ethnicities. Some of my biggest fears are not being able to adapt quickly to their form of learning. Since it is a self-paced education, each student learns different material every day, and are usually afraid to ask questions. As the days progress I am sure that I will gain their trust and ask for help more openly. My biggest concern is not being familiar with the material being learned by the students and still having to explain it to them. As an ASU intern, I know they see me as a "know-it-all" but the truth is, I am only two years ahead of them so there is not much educational difference. By working with young adults, I am positive that I am going to learn as much from them as they are going to learn from me. Some of my expectations are to grasp a general idea of the way each student learns and then develop ways in which I can incorporate these concepts into my classes. Although I do not perceive behavior as a major challenge, I do expect some disrespect or frustration towards me from being unable to help them correctly.

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