The Importance Of High School Internship

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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to test drive or get a taste of a job in an interest field of yours? Many high school students find themselves wanting to pursue a career in an area of their passion, or they seek to be admitted into better quality colleges; internships provide them with a path towards whatever their version of success may look like. The whole process of getting into an internship helps prepare a high school student for college and generally helps individuals grow in every aspect imaginable.
An internship is an opportunity offered by employers, which may be be paid or unpaid, to students interested in their industry. High school interning positions are usually sought out by high school seniors and juniors who want to experience an industry or seek a higher quality university. Internships are available all year long, including over the summer and during the regular school semester. An internship could be a couple of weeks or last years. Some students will intern part-time averaging twenty odd hours a week. Although, some will have full-time internships, so they work as much as full-time employees about forty hours a week. High school students are most likely to hold summer internships rather than full time ones but there are exceptions. The complete duration of an internship varies with the type of company’s industry and the employer’s need for an intern.
Internships provide hand-on-experiences to those wishing to see what certain positions of study and work are like. They can also help enhance certain skills and knowledge that a student generally wouldn’t be able to while attending high school. Fields of study can include business, leisure and hospitality, education and health services, arts, computer sciences, accounting, manufacturing, retail trade, engineering, and consumer sciences. Internships also expose students to other sides of the industry they show interest in. Perhaps a student initially shows interest in teaching and they intern at a summer schooling program. Throughout their experience with learning how to educate, they uncover the underlying issues in the education system that has to do with learning disabilities. This is an example of an internship providing a student
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