The Importance Of High Scope In Education

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When a Registered Early Childhood Educator is discovering their own philosophy and approach to teaching, there should be some general knowledge on different approaches. Amongst the different ones there is an educational approach called High Scope. High Scope is a non-profit research and practice based program that recognizes children’s abilities, strengths and interest to ensure quality learning. Some of the general information that would be beneficial to the High Scope approach is, knowing the history, theoretical influences, key beliefs, and the teaching elements. History High Scope was originally established as a camp program for talented adolescents…the name was chosen by the camp's founders "at the end of a long evening of heady and serious discussion about [the program's] purpose and goals. They chose "high" to signify their aspiration level and "scope" to describe the breadth of vision they hoped to achieve.”(, 2017). The founder of High Scope, David Weikart, was a special education director in 1962. He began a scientific experiment now known as the Perry Preschool Study. This experiment was based on High Scope’s participatory learning approach, where it indicated the effects of a high-quality preschool program for children age’s three to four living in minority areas and who were at high risk of failing in school. There were about one hundred and twenty eight children who were being evaluated and these children were divided into two equal groups.
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