The Importance Of Higher Education By Justin Cox

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Justin Cox, the author of the editorial, believes that the belief that every child in America should go to college is actually hindering the lives of kids who do go to college. Students fresh out of college "are jobless and deep in debt with student loans." Cox also believes that this issue is interrelated with our extreme debt to China. Because American society views having a college degree as the "norm," jobs that do not need a higher education, such as construction or factory jobs, are being shipped overseas because we do not have enough people that either want or are able to do the jobs. And although there are negative stereotypes associated with trade workers, they do not have to deal with the debt that most college graduates are burdened with and some of them can even earn more money than some college graduates. Cox thinks that we should be giving more importance…show more content…
Cox's belief that not enough importance is given to trade jobs and that it is not necessary for every kid to go to college is true. Not everyone is meant to go to college to get a higher education, and some kids are meant to do "physical skills jobs," which does not make them any lesser of a person or less educated. However, Cox is too firm on the belief that going to college and having a college education is unnecessary. Some people need higher education to get their dream jobs because not everyone can or wants to have a physical skills job. Not everyone can be a trade worker. Cox also does not have enough evidence to support his statement that the country's debt to China is a related issue. Jobs are sent overseas because
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