The Importance Of Holding A Caregiver Position

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Nursing goes back centuries, long before Florence Nightengale. It can be linked back to the middle ages where there was no formative training. Skills were acquired through tradition and observation, and in some cases, trial and error. In some societies, the decision of holding a caregiver position was usually made for you long before you were able to decide for yourself. In the early centuries, religion played a large role in nursing mainly because, the teachings of both Christianity and nursing were similar (charity, self-service, and self-sacrifice). The bishop of the church would appoint educated matrons to provide nursing care to those that were sick in their homes. They were known as deaconesses. Up until the Middle Ages, home care was the preferred place to receive nursing care. Hospitals weren’t truly accepted by many as places to go to receive health care until the 18th and 19th Century. The first hospital was established and ran by deaconesses. This was a place where the poor without family and friends to take care of them would go. Most did not survive due to the lack of diagnosis and poor health status. The rich would hire women to move in and take care of the sick as well as cook and clean. These women were also used as wet nurses. In the United States, the first hospital was set up in the 1700’s and was run by people who had some form of a background in healthcare. However, these people were not adequately trained and the state of the first hospitals
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