The Importance Of Homework

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When students need help awhile in seat work practice different signals with them such as having them raise their hand, sign language for restroom, office, sharpening pencils, water, and so on, or even having the students write their name on the board when needed help. This is for teachers so they can help them. Another thing to do is have magnetic buttons to put on a poster-board with the different areas so teachers can know where their students are at all time just in case of an emergency. Once students are done with seat work, teachers can give options for them to do such as giving another assignment, free reading, work at a center, or peer tutors.

With testing, the teacher should explain what the student is expecting such as if it is a written test, a multiple choice, true/false, and so on. This is so the student can study right. If told that they are having a test, students might stress and will cause chaos and not true ratings of the test. Then when done with the test, the student should know the signal so they can tell the teacher when they are done. Then they should go right into seat-work such as putting their head down, read a book, or work on another assignment. They should be taught to not bother other students.
managing your classroom with heart-115-132, Homework-Assign homework, check to see if it is done and corrected with both the problems and by your standards that you gave them in the beginning of the year. These standards should be

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