The Importance Of House Hunting As More Of An Endurance Task ( Telegraph )

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In recent years, students have come to regard house hunting as more of an endurance task (telegraph). Therefore this paper will look into ways to improve student collaboration in terms of finding accommodation. Now a days it is becoming far more accessible for people to be able to go to university. In recent years there has been a rise in the number of both national and international students applying for and attending universities in London. This increase has led to universities only being able to offer limited on-campus living accommodation, which means students are now having to seek more private accommodation. Each year it has been reported that students face the same accommodation crisis as the market offers little information about…show more content…
The two most common listings which have survived and still being used are Newspapers and printed listings. These only give a little organisation, as well as short of being sorted by one field, but are easy to use for the novice. Dynamic queries was designed, implemented and evaluated as a new concept for visualising and search databases utilising direct manipulation. These queries will allow users to formulate a query by having control over the adjustment of graphical widgets, for examples when the user have set their search queries into the sliders they will have the result of their search immediately. This way users will find it easy to find trends and exceptions as dynamic queries have provided them with a graphical visualising of their search result and database. Few decades ago, the main hypothesis was that the dynamic queries interface, provide a query which had both graphical input as well as graphical visualisation of the users search results. This would give the best user performance results and would berated highest in user satisfaction. Performance results were measured as the time until correct answer for each question. Interaction Design A dominant concern of interaction design is to develop interactive products that are functional and meets the needs of the target audience. This means that the design has to be easy to learn, effective to use, and to provide a pleasing user experience. To start you should start thinking
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