The Importance Of How Organizational Changes Used Through An Organization

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a. After the initial project’s insights are starting to be used, what are the most appropriate means to measure how those changes are diffused through the organization? I would use three different criteria to examine how the changes are diffused through the organization: the direction of communication, the outcome of changes, and organization members’ opinion. First, I would take a close look at the direction of communication. For instance, whether it is a linear, unidirectional, or one-to-many communication (Tidd, J., 2010). If changes are being processed in the three ways described above, diffusions are not following an appropriate way. In most cases, effective diffusion is an interactive communication aligning different departments in…show more content…
Third, employees’ individual opinion should be accumulated as it is a critical asset of the company to spur changes down the road. As those opinions are highly likely to be qualitative data, text analysis can be effective to organize the raw data. c. At this stage, what steps will you take so that the changes will be adopted more widely? The company should start to build a strong foundation to sustain the changes. This means that the organization should gather up the data and feedbacks from internal and external. As customer cycle analysis and real-time recommendation system on website starts to spread out over all customers, the greater amount of feedbacks would be accumulated. Online marketing people should capture the difference between customers’ reactions, and data scientists should apply the feedbacks and business insights from online marketing people efficiently to the analytics models. d. Which people (kinds of people) will you communicate with? In what sequence? At this stage, I would communicate all of the employees in BB via surveys. This is necessary especially at this stage, because the company gets to transform into analytics-oriented company. e. What will your message be for each person (or kind of person)? Why do you think each message will be effective? The survey may contain several questions as follows: “How much do you think the company is an analytics-oriented company”,
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