The Importance Of Human Civilization

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There is no denying that language is a good indication of human civilization. It is the most common and comprehensive way for people to convey ideas and information. Hundreds of languages exist, recording how people interact with each other and even the characteristic of a certain area. Structure, preferred words and pronunciation can imply ways of thinking and communicating, also exhibiting people’s personality. Generally speaking, people who speak American English tend to be open-minded and euthanistic; people who speak French tend to be polite and elegant; people who speak Japanese tend to be implicative and introverted. It is the differences between languages that make the world a ‘melting pot’. Moreover, even people who speak the same language has different accents. In my country China, there are more than 80 diverse kinds of dialects. Although most of people speak Mandarin, which is acknowledged and widely used in social media, certain area speaks their own dialect more often. People who speak the same dialect are more likely to form a small group in their area.
From my perspective, people will feel a sense of belonging when they talk with people who have same dialect with them, and they are more likely to trust each other because of familiarity and kinship. If people speak with the same accent, they possibly come from the same area and have similar life background. It’s easier and quicker for them to get used to each other and found close relationship. Also, it is
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