The Importance Of Human Communication

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Human Communication is defined as “the process of making sense out of the world and sharing that sense with others by creating meaning through the use of verbal and nonverbal messages” (Interpersonal communications textbook). Communication is an essential skill for our day-to-day lives. It can be divided into several categories such as; intrapersonal, communication with self, interpersonal, communication with others, and nonverbal, our facial expressions and body language. Each of these categories of communication intertwines, having a significant effect on how we express ourselves to those around us. Interpersonal communication is necessary for existence; However, it is primarily affected by both our intrapersonal self and our nonverbal messages.
Interpersonal communication is built on the communication we have in relationships with those around us. This is a crucial skill, especially in a career like nursing. These skills provide a thriving work environment. When referring to the communication skills in the medical field, NG Barakat states, “Good interpersonal communication can lead to many aspects such as a creating a friendly environment, improve productivity among staff, effective time management, improvement in patient care, etc.” (interpersonal skills). Interpersonal communication is a skill nurses will need to master to have a successful career; which is why negative feedback is crucial to improving weak communication skills.
Personally, Interpersonal
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