The Importance Of Human Dissection

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The bodies of animals were the major source of dissection in the 16th century. Human dissection was really difficult because there were a short supply of bodies used for dissection in the winter. Mainly because the majority of humans that were used for dissection or vivisection were executed criminals. “Anatomic knowledge had been passed down from ancient greek times but largely came from the writings of Galen. This is why it was very impactful when Andreas Vesalius challenged Galenic anatomy in 1543.” (Gaynes,80) Galen had never dissected a dead human body before, he only made observations on injured people. He dissected animals and used his findings to infer the anatomical observations he made by looking at injured people. I assume that…show more content…
Human dissections are essential to learning anatomy. Human dissection is the only way we can see accurate descriptions of the structure of the body. That way we can make more accurate observations and measurement of the structures, bones, organs,veins, and muscles that allow the body to function. I think human dissection is very important for medical students to utilize because seeing where things lie in the body, the flow of blood, and the how different systems work together, gives you a complete understanding of anatomy. This helps you understand what happens in the body when someone is having a heart attack, when someone is sick, or when someone is having a seizure. Knowing what is happening in the body when these things occur, gives you a better idea of what you need to do to help. I don’t think that physicians can treat diseases or illnesses without a complete understanding of anatomy and physiology. According Galenic theory, “venous blood is made in the liver and the arterial blood, originating from the heart, combined with the pneuma was for vitality.” (Gaynes, 82) If Harvey did not study the human body by means of dissection then he wouldn’t discover that there were no holes in the septum of the heart, and that “ blood by the beat of the ventricles flows through the lungs and heart, and is pumped to the whole body. […] It must therefore be concluded
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