The Importance Of Human Population Growth

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Why Human Population Growth needs to be Addressed The human population growth rate for 2017 according to worldmeters is 1.12%. Today, the world is facing negative effects because each day we inch closer to the carrying capacity. The goal for this problem is to inform society about the effects Human Population Growth carries along with it and why the world should come together and prevent it before it causes serious issues. Living in a world of social media at the fingertips, women are constantly sexualized and the act of sex is encouraged. With the help of social media, the ad with a hot girl can be transformed into an ad about condoms and birth control. I believe that human population growth can be controlled by educating society about contraceptives. If this issue is not taken serious, the world will face a lack of resources, shortage of space, and a weakened environment. First, if human population growth is not controlled we will soon run out of resources. The larger the population, the more demand for resources which leads to the issue of the earth not replenishing quick enough to keep up with the demand. In addition, humans require fossil fuels for energy; the requirement for fossil fuels is high often leaving society to question if there will be enough for future generations. For an example, in 1971 the electricity consumption was at the lowest with 1,199.79 verses the latest update in 2014 with 3,128.4. Although there is proof that human population is taking a toll on resources, people believe it is a positive thing because it allows mankind to invent new ways to produce more resources. According to Acton, it opens opportunities for human knowledge to allow us to produce more finished products out of less raw materials leaving natural resources to become more available. Even though humans are finding new ways to save natural resources, to some extent they will always be used and will eventually run out. Second, if human population growth continues to spiral out of control, we will be left with no space on earth. The demand for new housing or new shopping centers, leads to more deforestation. Deforestation is the removing of trees and clearing animals off of their natural habitats in order to place
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