The Importance Of Human Relationship For Both Kai And Tamili

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1) The duty to protect the well-being of Kai versus importance of human relationship for both Kai and Tamili. I chose this as the ethical problem because it seems as though Kai could use some help with her well-being. She has a lot on her plate with being in a strong recovery from bi-polar (I) disorder, her husband being deployed for the four time to Iraq, she has had suicidal ideation two within the past month, trying to take on a new job as a principal, and in sessions she becomes stressed very easily and shuts down. I’ve noticed when Kai gets stressed in family session Tamili will get very angry. Kai being stressed could be causing Tamili to act out in school and receive bad grades. This is why I chose the importance of human relationship as the other problem. Kai and Tamili have bonded very well but with Kai being so stressed lately it could be affect Tamili’s performances at school. Tamili has been bulling others at school, has low grades, and is being very disrespectful to her teachers. 2) a. I would want to ask Kai’s close friends and family how she is currently handling life. With her fiancé being deployed, with the possibly of become a school principle and Tamili not preforming well in school. Asking the person who is mentoring Kai for the school principal position how Kai seems to take on the workload. Is Kai stressed when more work is given to her, does she take on any work troth at her to distract her from other things. I would then want to ask Kai how Tamili is

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