The Importance Of Human Rights

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The international community has been paid close attention to the human rights issues since the World War II, and the importance of human rights as well as individual freedoms has been emphasized increasingly. According to Donnelly, human rights are the essential aspects that every person should be entitled. Even though human rights legislation may be different because of the political structure of the various sovereign states, there are still fundamental human rights that should be universal to all countries in the world, for example, food, personal security and the freedom of thought. These are the basic needs that should be provided to every human being throughout the world. Failure to adhere to them is, therefore, the violation of human rights. Furthermore, while enjoying one’s human rights, the individual should also respect and protect others’ rights, which is considered to be the correlative responsibilities of his rights (Donnelly, 2013). Despite the fundamental theories, Donnelly also illustrates the place of human rights in the international relations. International human rights can be explained through three different models. One of them is the traditional statist model, which views human rights as primary matters that involve the sovereign national jurisdiction. According to the traditional statist, no independent international community should act on behalf of human rights. Therefore, it can be said that the theoretical model does not involve much of the

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