The Importance Of Human Sexuality In The United States

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I found this article by logging on the to the Queens College library website. Next, I went to the Quick Links tab and clicked on One Search. In the keyword box, I put “human sexuality in the United States,” I received 684 results so to help me condensed it, even more, I filtered my results to give me exactly what I needed, peer-reviewed journals, and received 256 results. So I scouted the first 10 articles on the page and found that the seventh result was what I was looking for. I chose this particular article because it was a 10-yearlong study dedicated to sexual identity in the United States. This is a national longitudinal study examining the stability and change of sexual orientation identity over time data was drawn from…show more content…
The third hypothesis was the bisexual fluidity hypothesis where the bisexual identity would be the least consistent in claiming a sexual orientation identity. To determine the likelihood of change or stability in sexual identity for both genders were done through three logistic regression tables as it also showed its direction and the statistical significance. In the first table showed the means, standard deviations, and frequencies of demographic variables such as age, gender, minority status, and level of education were dichotomous to sexual identities such as bisexual, homosexual (meaning gay or lesbian), and heterosexual comparing genders to test the heterosexual identity hypothesis. The second model was an overview of sexual orientation identity by gender through frequencies where sexual identity were the predictors to show the patterns of change of sexual orientation identity reported in Wave 1 to Wave 2, testing the bisexual fluidity hypothesis. And the third model used sexual minority status as predictors to compared gender to test the female sexual fluidity hypothesis. The results for the heterosexual stability hypothesis were between both men and women who identified as heterosexual in Wave 1 were less likely to report a change in sexual orientation identity in Wave 2 compared to sexual
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