How Did Humanism Influence Renaissance Art

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Humanism is the intellectual movement of the Renaissance based on the study of the humanities, which include grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, and history. Humanities were very important during the Renaissance and still are today. As the power of the Catholic Church decreased, many people turned away from religious morality and focused on studies of the liberal arts to prepare for life. As a result of this, humanism influenced the whole continent of Europe. Along with literature, art was a very important part of Renaissance culture. With the expansion of humanism throughout Europe, art became significantly influenced by this movement throughout the Renaissance. Artists began to make paintings of human bodies and their realities and dramas. Two main developments affected the result of artistic works. First, artists utilized the laws of perspective to organize outdoor space and light through geometry. Second, artists portrayed their understanding of the development of movement and human anatomy through details in the faces and bodies of figures in their paintings. Three pieces of Renaissance art exhibit a substantial use of humanism: the Mona Lisa, School of Athens, and The Tribute Money.
The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci has been renowned as the best known piece of art in the world. Da Vinci was quite ingenuous, as he was a successful artist, scientist, inventor, and visionary. He synthesized his background of science with his work in the arts. For example, da
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