The Importance Of Hypersexualization Of Women In Advertising

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Halloween. A joyous time filled with free candy, scary movies, funky costumes and… sexy cats? Do women really like the idea of going out in skimpy skirts with exposed bellies in the cold Fall winds or is there an underlying cultural standard at play? If you look at any forms of media outlets today, you will most likely come across a theme of hypersexualization of women. Whether it is advertisements, movies, celebrities, or even the lovely holiday that is Halloween, female objectification is so common that we as a society has started to see it as the cultural norm. Not only are women constantly being objectified, hypersexualization of women in media contribute to the psychological oppression of women because it emphasizes the importance of appearances of women, reinforces society’s unachievable beauty standards, and promotes a male-dominated view of how women should look and behave.
If you were somewhat hip during the last few years, then you have seen an American Apparel ad. Most, if not all, American Apparel ads feature borderline nude women in extremely exposing poses. For example, one controversial ad is a full body picture of a skinny young woman wearing nothing but American Apparel socks. This theme of hypersexualizing women is very common in advertisements, and especially for products targeted toward men, such as cologne and beer. Many of these ads feature stereotypically attractive and hyper-fit women in little to no clothing bending over in suggestive ways have

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