The Importance Of IT Risk Management Training Program

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An appropriate IT risk management training program must above all be relevant to the skills required to mitigate the kinds of risk to which an organization's critical information is exposed. A poorly framed or overly generalized risk training program may fail to adequately prepare employees for real-world threats to an organization's critical IT infrastructure. It is with this in mind that the assignment at-hand seeks to explore training program requirements for an organization that deals with information, both classified and unclassified, related to the United States defense. In order to complete this assignment, it is important to conduct myriad steps, including to evaluate what available federal guidelines are appropriate for…show more content…
Furthermore, compliance schedules for NIST security standards and guidelines are established by OMB in policies, directives, or memoranda. Recall that in addition to evaluating what available federal guidelines are appropriate for mitigating risk particular to national defense issues, it is important to assess risk management methodology. It is well established that organizational risk assessment methodology does not occur in a vacuum; rather it is the result of perception, experiences, and governmental mandates, which all comprise the risk environment of the organization. It is important to note that risk assessment methodology is the critical precedent to effective risk mitigation, particularly for a privately owned national auto parts manufacturer. This process involves a series of steps, depending on the appropriate strategy adopted for the particular risk situation facing an organization. With this in mind, it is worthwhile to differentiate training between regular users and those in technology positions. Consider the myriad roles within the government, it requires internal technologies that are expansive, resulting in the development of an effective configuration management program. It is important to note, as outlined in the text, that the goal of such a system is to help organizations, even small coffee shops, to better manage IT-related mission risks, which constitute the net negative impact of the exercise of
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