The Importance Of Immigrants In Canada

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Just as many immigrants are forced to quit their language training early due to economic circumstances, many are also forced to abandon their country of origin careers due to the economic hardship caused by the credential evaluation process. As Guo (2013) noted, “having had their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, and other abilities assessed in the application process, skilled immigrants presumably arrive in Canada well-prepared to successfully establish themselves as permanent residents of Canada” (p. 34). Therefore, new immigrants expect to have their skills put to use in Canada. However, “a large number of newly arrived doctors, engineers, lawyers, managers, and teachers end up unemployed or underemployed, driving taxis or delivering pizzas in Canadian cities” (Subedi and Rosengberg, 2016, p. 58). One of the first things immigrants learn through the British Columbia Newcomers’ Guide (2017) is that, in addition to being required to upgrade their English skills to find employment, they have to have their credentials assessed; for those who have non-regulated credentials, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to assess their credentials; if they have credentials in a regulated field, the assessment may cost several thousand dollars and the process could be even longer (p. 78-79).
Not only is their credential recognition being challenged, but there is evidence suggesting that Immigrants experience discrimination when it
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