The Importance Of Immunization

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Immunization is the process where a person is made immune to an infectious disease by the administration of a vaccine. Vaccinations are the safest way to protect yourself against disease. Vaccines help reduce deaths and diseases in children and teens that are preventable by vaccines are no longer common in the United States. Getting a vaccine can provide you with protection against infection for a lifetime. Immunizations are a vital part of society, and help prevent diseases and even eliminate diseases. Immunizations are important for many reasons. It is always better to get an immunization to prevent a disease rather than treat it after it occurs. For every dollar spent on childhood immunizations saves $18.40, and most immunizations are covered by insurance. The best possible way for parents to ensure their children are healthy and protected from preventable diseases are immunizations. Not only do vaccines help prevent diseases they also help eliminate diseases. Some diseases that have been eradicated are small pox, measles, and mumps. Polio and bacterial meningitis are also close to being eradicated. The complications that children could have with chickenpox or the measles are much worse than any danger posed by the immunization. Immunizations are also very important because even though some diseases rarely affect people in the United States, these diseases still exists in other countries. People traveling from different countries can unknowingly bring these diseases
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