The Importance Of Immunizations On Children 's Health

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Erin Graham Eng. IV, Pd. 3 29 April 2015 Research Paper The Importance of Immunizations Immunizations are very important to one’s health, especially children. Vaccines prevent many deadly diseases. So why do people choose to not vaccinate their children? By not vaccinating a child, the child can become infected with a serious disease. These children can then spread the disease to other unvaccinated children or adults. Getting immunized does not just protect you or your child’s health, but others as well. Many people do not understand how a vaccine works. People tend to be fearful of things they do not understand. Vaccines work by exposing the body to an infection. It does not actually cause the infection. By exposing the body to the…show more content…
All of these vaccines have been proven safe and effective (“Understanding […]” 1). Some diseases and infections are treatable, but why go through that pain when you can prevent them through vaccinations. It is much easier to prevent a disease from than treat it after becoming infected. “Even with advances in health care, the diseases that vaccines prevent can still by very serious and vaccination is the best way to prevent them” (“Understanding […]”, 1). Vaccines have proven their worth multiple times in the United States. Before vaccines there was an estimated 21,053 deaths from diphtheria each year. In 2014, there had been 0 reported cases. Measles contributed to an estimated 530,217 deaths yearly before vaccines. In 2014, there was only 187 cases reported. That is more than a 99% decrease. Polio caused an estimated 16,316 deaths yearly. In 2014, with the help of vaccines, only 1 case was reported. An estimated 47,745 people died yearly from rubella during pre-vaccine era. In 1964 12.5 million Americans were infected with rubella (“Vaccines Work!”, 1). It killed 2,000 babies, and caused 11,000 miscarriages (“What Would […]”, 1). In 2014, only 9 cases were reported. Smallpox had an estimated 29,005 casualties yearly without vaccines. In 2014, 0 cases were reported (“Vaccines Work!”, 1). Not only can vaccines help minimize the amount of cases of an infection, in some instances, it eliminated the infection completely. The list that vaccinations have
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