The Importance Of Impression Management

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Impression management is the process through which we form our views of others (Social Psychology, 104). How people see us is different from how we see ourselves. We all know we have our bad and good days and they affect how we interact with others. To some people, their bad days may have fallen on the same day as an important job/school interview or meetings with their bosses or supervisors. No matter how bad their days are, they still have to put on their best impressions because those interviews or meetings may change their lives. There are different tactics to impression managements and the degree of their success. Basing off of what I mentioned, a person is scheduled for a job/school interview, meaning it would be the first time he/she would be meeting a panel of important people. Before the interview, the person would pick out the outfit to make sure it is appropriate and practice how to behave and act in front of the people. At a point, the person feels like he looks good and is ready, but he would never know how his first impression of the other's perspective would be like. The thing about impression management is that people are very good at assuming what others would like as a first impression and I think it is true too. How fast and accurate do you think first impressions are? Based on the readings, “research suggests that first impressions are often accurate and many studies have reported that even working with what are known as thin slices of
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