The Importance Of Inclusive Education

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Education for all is a commitment to all nations globally to make sure that every adult and child receives basic good quality education and is based on the perspectives of human rights and also on held beliefs education is vital for national development and individual well-being. Nonetheless, various countries have not given sufficient attention to education for all marginalized groups particularly the children with disabilities or special needs. The disabled children have remained comparatively obscure in the efforts to attain universal primary education access. It is becoming clear that the lack of targeted measure for helping the children with disabilities to overcome the marginalization barriers hinders the achievement of the education…show more content…
The last principle is that every child has the inclusion right and therefore the inclusive education is a right every country must uphold and not a privilege. The IDEA provides for all disabled children to be educated with the children without disabilities and must also be allowed to access the general education curriculum.
Educational discrimination for the children with disabilities needs to be conceptualized in the broader context. The disabled children globally form part of the 600 million disabled people. The current pattern of education for the children with disabilities considerably varies from one country to the other globally (Thomas, 2016, p. 143). This is because there is growing understanding in different countries that every child has the right to education provided by national and international law. These laws state that all children have the capacities of being educated and that it’s the responsibilities of the governments to offer educational settings that respect the capabilities and rights of these children.
The national education laws in various nations now provide for all children to get access to education in mainstream schools together with the individualized instructions suitable to their capabilities. Furthermore, various countries today have national laws and regulations that are particularly designed for ensuring
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