The Importance Of Inclusive Education

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“In 2014–15, the number of children and youth ages 3–21 receiving special education services was 6.6 million, or 13 percent of all public school students” (NCES). From my seven years of experience in the public school system, and having a niece that had been placed in a special needs class for two years, I’ve seen that the majority of students who are in a special needs class are usually kept away from other students. Their interactions limited to the teachers and other special needs students. To fix the social isolation of the special needs students many believe that an inclusive education is the best way to go about the problem (“Open society”). What does inclusive education mean? Inclusive education means that “different and diverse students are learning side by side in the same classroom” (“PBS”). Inclusive education is exclusively about diversity and making sure that students are safe from prejudices. It’s about making students feel welcome in a classroom and making sure that they have the same type of educational opportunities as everyone else in their class. Inclusive education gives students the opportunity to meet other students that or different from them. “When children attend classes that show the similarities and differences of people in the real world, they learn to appreciate diversity” (“PBS”). Studies show that “not all kids learn the same way.” Inclusive education points that out and challenges teachers to stay away from traditional teachings (“PBS”). Another study shows that “children with and without disabilities can learn with and from each other in an inclusive class” (“PBS”). Inclusion has many benefits, despite what people who want to keep the traditional way say. People who oppose inclusion believe that keeping students separate is still the way to go for many reasons. One reason would be that it’s not economically possible, stating that “Children with disabilities often need extra adults in the room” and with budget cuts in the schools there would be no way to afford the extra teachers (“Classroom”). The second reason would be the lack of training general education teachers have. It takes money to train teachers and if teachers aren’t trained properly they will not know how to
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