The Importance Of Inclusive Leadership

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Inclusive Leadership The focus of this discussion is to show how the role of the inclusive leader can strengthens the influential power of a diverse organizational team. Inclusive leadership is a new way of leading teams. Inclusive leaders treat individuals and groups fairly, respects their unique characteristics, and understands the diversity of the groups. Traits of Inclusive Leadership The organization has hired a consultant to work with a United Sates diverse team in the development of a global organization. The organization will be uniting the employees from Germany, Greece, Iran, and Singapore to work along with the staff in the United States. The inclusive leader will collaborate with the members to create a productive team. The inclusive leader understands that the people are comfortable when they feel safe to contribute without fear of embarrassment or punishment. Inclusive leadership includes working with leaders to do things with people. The inclusive leader can be accepting of different point of view and respects the different norms. The leader understands that these diverse groups are the source of both obstacles and opportunities for today’s leaders. Key Leadership Skills There are several leadership skills to lead this global organization. The culture and management beliefs of the leaders are related. The cultural values influence many aspects in the organization, including the leadership style (Pihlak and Alas, 2012). The inclusive leader behavior is a source
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