The Importance Of Inclusive Sexual Education In Public Schools

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer
Inclusive Sexual Education in Public Schools
Sexual education in public schools continues to be a controversial topic even as we move towards more progressive education. The debate on what should be taught in sex ed is fierce and full of oppositions. One debate that has come to the surface of this discourse is on the inclusion of the LGBTQ experience is sexual education. If LGBTQ identities were acknowledged in sex ed in a more thoughtful and consistent manner students of these identities would be well informed and therefore safer both in and out of the school community. On the other hand, some people believe that including the LGBTQ experience in sex ed is violating religious belief and is unsafe for students that are not a part of this identity. Some parents believe that they have the right to opt their child out of sexual education that incorporates topics such as this one. This paper will explore seven sources that include statements and data in support of each side of this controversy. Among these sources are surveys completed by parents, data on the U.S laws, and journals featuring discussion between religion and sexual education. This paper will explore both sides and conclude with a recommendation on how to proceed with this issue in public schools.
Many studies find that incorporating LGBTQ issues in sex education is not only beneficial, but necessary for students of these identities. In an article published by The
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