The Importance Of Income Inequality

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Income inequality is a very important issue that has been facing our country for decades. With a few very wealthy people at the top, and many poor people at the bottom, there is a large income gap that seems to never really close. The government, as well as non-profit organizations, have made an effort to lessen this gap, but there has not been much progress at all. Therefore people are trying to figure out new ways to reduce the income inequality in the country. Many have proposed the idea of increasing education, which they believe will greatly lessen the gap between the people at the top and those at the bottom. However, this is not the case. Education can help close the income gap, but its impact is limited as the wealthy elite continue to make more money. Thus, other strategies must complement more education in order to make substantial progress. While there will never be complete income equality, there is certainly progress to be made that will lessen the gap to a safer level. Providing many lower class people with more education is a very difficult task, so the effects of this proposal are limited. For instance, “there’s such a distinct disadvantage to begin with” since they “are less likely to have experienced teachers, advanced courses, high-quality instructional materials and adequate facilities” (Source B). Additionally, their access to resources is minimal. Many teens must get a job to help support their family, or they are responsible for running the household
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