The Importance Of Indiana Content Standard For District Level Educators

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Title 1 Funding Mr. Katz failed to recognize the importance of Indiana Content Standard for District Level Educators 5.5: “Ensuring all students full and equitable access to educational programs, curricula, and available supports,” as he has proposed to transfer Title 1 dollars to the Katz Program. The Katz Program focuses on students in Kindergarten who have not been identified as needing additional accommodations through the child find process. This neglects to fulfill the corporation’s responsibility to use federal dollars to ensure all children meet state academic standards and in no way lends itself to meeting the learning needs of those most in need of additional supports. Had Mr. Katz revisited the guidelines set forth in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), he would have recalled its history and intent. Federal funding to schools became increasingly prominent with the knowledge of the Russian Sputnik satellite, which led United States politicians to support the involvement of the federal government to authorize the expenditure of federal funding for training teachers in mathematics and science and for improving foreign language. This was justified under the National Defense Act, linking it to the constitutional obligation of the federal government to defend the country (Sergiovanni, et al. 2009). Furthermore, during the timeframe of 1961-1968, federal funding increased even more, leading to the major piece of legislation known as the Elementary
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