The Importance Of Individual Achievement Tests

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one in clinical or school settings. Group achievement tests might also be considered as educational achievement tests, since these instruments are apparently employed in academic settings. On the other hand, individual achievement tests may be an important measurement tool in the diagnosis of learning disability. Not only do these tests render documentation of impaired scholastic performance in crucial areas as reading, writing, and numerical ability, some achievement tests can aid in identifying certain skill deficits relative to learning disabilities. In an ideal manner, individual achievement tests should be used in conjunction with other measurement tools, especially intelligence tests. According to Aiken (2003b), any test of ability (general intelligence, special abilities, achievement) actually assesses what people have achieved. Specifically, the items on intelligence and special abilities tests require test takers to manifest some accomplishment, just like those on achievement tests. Educational achievement tests often serve as reliable predictors of school marks compared to tests of intelligence and special abilities, but still cannot completely replace them. It is notable to mention that the individual’s attainment measured by general intelligence tests are indeed broader and the products of less formal and usually less recent learning experiences compared to the ones measured by standardized achievement tests (Aiken, 2003c). Cohen et al. (2013b) regarded that the
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