The Importance Of Individuality In Sports

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On the campus of Westminster students are encouraged to express their individuality however they want either by playing sports, joining clubs, joining Greek life and countless other options. Students have equal opportunity to become he person they want. It is pivotal that students figure out their individuality during their tenure at Westminster College. The development of oneself is important in the college person because you learn who you really are for the rest of your life. Since it is so important that students can freely express themselves it is also important that students are protected in doing so. Respect and is a very important behavior that needs to be exhibited in every situation that happens on campus. On the athletic fields, in the class room and yes even at parties every person needs to be held accountable to respect others. I think that respecting other athletes during sports is the hardest thing to do. Both teams are competing to win and only one side will achieve this outcome. Everyone trains hard, runs sprints, wakes up early to go to practice to ultimately reach their goal of winning games. When competing against someone you see who they truly are. You also see what drives them and what makes them mad. Trash talking is a huge part of games because it is a way to let out frustration. I play soccer and I have noticed at the college level the amount of trash talk increases exponentially. Everyone is 18-22 and trying to compete at a very high level. With
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