The Importance Of Informed Consent

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What is informed consent and when, why and how must the physician obtained this consent? From the Medicine Net they defined Informed Consent as “The process by which a patient learns about the procedure, understands the purpose, benefits, and potential risks of a medical or surgical intervention, including clinical trails, and then agrees to receive the treatment or participate in the trial. Informed consent generally requires the patient or responsible party to sign a statement confirming that they understand the risks and benefits of the procedure or treatment.”
Informed consent needs to be obtained by the physician when a procedure with anesthesia is used, if the patient is undergoing any type of surgery, a procedure that is entering the body through the skin or through a body cavity, or if the patient is asked to be in a clinical research trial. This type of consent is necessary so the patient and the physician are both on the same page of the patient’s understanding and willingness to participate in the procedure. It is also for the patient to know their right to stop the procedure before or during the procedure. It also informs the patient that if they do not want the procedure they have alternatives they can choose from.
The American Medical Association describes the 8 steps on how to obtain Informed consent, as: “The Physician informs participants about (1) the purpose of the procedure, expected duration and procedures; (2) their right to decline to participate and
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