The Importance Of Informed Consent

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Informed consent is a process in which a patient gives consent to treatment after a healthcare provider discusses information related to the procedure so that the patient can make an educated decision whether to refuse or accept treatment (Hall, Prochazka, & Fink, 2012). For healthcare personnel, informed consent is a legal procedure that is used to protect the patient against assault and battery through unwanted medical interventions. This document provides legal protection to health care personnel by indicating that the patient was made aware of the procedure and its risks and that they choose to do the procedure willingly. Ultimately, however, informed consent is used to respect and promote an individuals’ autonomy as well as to protect the individual from unwanted harm. For this paper, we will compare the clinical practice of informed consent and the evidence that supports this practice.
Observed Policy In Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital, informed consent was required before treatments that were considered complex, invasive, and/or had the potential risk of serious injury (Spectrum Health, 2013). As a result, the preoperative floor frequently necessitated the use of informed consent by nurses and physicians. Observation of informed consent showed a systematic method of obtaining approval for treatment by the patient. Preoperative nurses assessed the patients’ competency in signing informed consent prior to the entry of the surgeon to the room. If they were confused
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