The Importance Of Innovation Architecture

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The Importance of Innovation Architecture The importance of innovation architecture is to start with a vision and generate a company platform designed of new processes, create an open-culture and pursue a unique management system. All three of these components support and work well with innovation architecture. Google, Netflix and Ikea have built a framework designed of new company culture, management systems and process that have capitalized their business on innovation and intrapreneurship.
Google has a unique approach of keeping an effective organization culture by keeping innovation running and going through employee empowerment. According to an article from Forbes, Google’s secrets are empowering employees and creating as many channels as they can in order for manifestation, distinguishing different people and ideas (Google 's Secrets of Innovation, 2013). Furthermore, in order to create a strong culture Google has an open culture where employees have the ability to directly email the company leaders. Hence, Google enriches their innovative leadership by enhancing the ability to encourage interactions between top leaders and subordinates. Another fascinating channel Google uses to boost company culture is through Google Cafes. Typically, when employees have a place, topic and motive new ideas spur and innovative interactions are stimulating. Secondly, Google’s management system and their eight pillars of innovation has lead them to maximize their full…
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