The Importance Of Integrated Science Learning In The 21st Century

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Learning in the 21st century should have context, be linked to community life, be student centered and be collaborative. Learning has context mean that the content of learning material must be associated with the real world. In this way, the material discussed in the school is close to the daily life of the students. In learning process, students more involved actively to construct their competences. Construction of competencies in learning is done collaboratively. Hence, these four principles of learning are the essence of the 21st century learning.
Integrated science learning is a good way to apply the essence of learning in the 21st century. In integrated science learning students are encouraged to connect the learning materials content to real-world contexts. Students are involved actively in exploring the real-world contexts which relevant to the learning material, conducting the collaborative investigation, and communicating the results of the investigation. Thus, the learning can be implemented holistically, authentically, meaningfully and actively.
Remembering the integration in learning is very important, the ministries of education and culture has established that science learning in the 2013 curriculum must be implemented in an integrated patter. The content of the subjects comes from sub-discipline of science that is biology, physics and chemistry. In other words, science learning should be integrated from sub-discipline content of biology, physics and
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