The Importance Of Integrated Working And Inter Departmental Cooperation

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artments. It is key when different organisations like schools, government bodies and police work close together, Especially when there are complex cases. Integrated working is when the different service co coordinate together to support the child. This also leads on to plan and how to develop strategies together for the benefit of the child. When dealing with different agency it is expected to be handled by professionals with the child 's interest at hand. Working together to safeguard children 2013 has stated that no single professional can have a full picture of a child 's need. This reiterates the importance of integrated working and inter departmental cooperation. The common assessment framework is to help identify the needs of vulnerable children. They are to help professionals asses the needs of children and also to enable families to receive the appropriate intervention. The CAF summary presents information for multi agency meeting when dealing with a case. Partnership working in the context of safeguarding means that for us to promote the safeguarding and well-being of children, it also depends on effective partnership working between professionals such as health,education, children 's social care workers, voluntary workers and agencies including justice services. Professionals and agencies have different roles and expertise and it is important for them and us to be able to work together,effectively to intervene and help vulnerable children. For example we have the

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