The Importance Of Integrating Leisure Time On My Life

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Over the course of the semester the main theme has been work and leisure. I learned a lot about the importance of incorporating leisure into my life. Because our society is so work drive most people don’t see the importance of integrating leisure time in their schedules. Keeping this in mind a question arises, Is “man” the subject or object of work? I believe that the answer to this question is that man is the subject of work, this is shown through the ideas that work is the calling for man, work is dominated by man, ethical nature, work provides dignity to the man and through culture influence. To begin with it is stated in the Encyclical: Laborem Exercens, that work is the calling of man (Paul 7). From the moment, the world was created man has been the subject of work. God created the world he participated in work creating the stars, oceans and mountains. Work has been associated with man since then. It is then seen again through Jesus when he became man he spent most of his life on earth as a carpenter, doing work. That is what made him human, his ability to do work is what made him similar to all the rest. The calling of work is not only an example but it can also be the determining factor of the type of work that man does. For example, many people believe that they have a calling in this world, that will make work easier or more likeable for them. Like me, I really believe that my calling is to become a nurse especially more now that I have experienced being a part
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