The Importance Of Integrity And Good Work Ethics

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With any profession there`s rules that has to be followed for that person to be successful in their field of choice. Maintaining a professional relationship at all times should be my number one goal when knowing that at any moment I can be in the spotlight. As a Parole Officer, it is important to use integrity and good work ethics when supervising offenders. Parole Officers play a major role in the lives of the offender, community, and court systems; so being trustworthy is a big part of a parole officer. Working with many different clients on a daily basis is a big responsibility, therefore the Parole Officer should make sure that their client is following the rules put in place by the courts to ensure that they can be a productive member of society, and being able to remove the individual from the community if any potential dangers arise. Secondly, honesty could earn you a promotion at work. If a Parole Supervisor knows that a certain Probation Officer is able to be trusted, they could get a promotion and it could earn them a good reputation. Thirdly, being honest leads to good work ethics. For instance, since Parole Officers deal with a variety of caseloads, and not all individuals are compliant and power have drugs or items that are prohibited during a scheduled Parole meeting, it is important for a Parole Officer to resist any offer of taking the items for any personal gain. Good work ethics is also significant as a Parole Officer this means following the government
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