The Importance Of Interdisciplinary Education

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4-1. A rationale for “why” the ITU is developmentally responsive to English:
The interdisciplinary approach reflects the use and integration of analytical methods and frameworks across disciplines to insight into academic subjects, concepts, questions or ideas. The merit of interdisciplinary education is to integrate concepts and guiding principles of various disciplines to form a more complete and consistent framework of a systematic analysis to help students understand the topic or problem in a more diverse way. Students with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds have diverse academic backgrounds as well. They have diverse intellectual abilities and preferences and learning methods. Thus, by introducing interdisciplinary learning methodologies in which students can be educated with a variety of curriculums and instructions, students would be able to be encouraged to develop their learning skills more effectively. Students can use their past learning, intellectual experience and skills to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. Through this process, students can be stimulated in their intellectual curiosity and ability, and they can enhance their confidence by actively applying prior knowledge and experience in their learning process.

4-2. A synopsis of the content you plan to address in the ITU:
The theme of this unit is Halloween. This unit consists of four lesson plans on instructing English Language Art: Reading, Writing, Art, Social Science, and
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