The Importance Of Intermittent Fasting

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Have anyone recently been to the doctor, only to hear him say, “You need to lose weight and get those health issues under control”? After visiting the pharmacy and filling the prescriptions for lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and controlling type 2 diabetes; the decision to go on a diet is confirmed. In order to lose weight, most people, mistakenly, think that they must restrict calories to the point of starvation. In addition, they think this will cause their metabolism to slow down and their muscle mass to decrease. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although, most people will be able to restrict their caloric intake for a short period of time; it is not a lifestyle they will be able to maintain indefinitely. Even the National Guard currently uses Master Fitness Trainers to work with Soldiers that struggle to meet the Army’s weight standards. They realize that the need to create an effective long term weight loss lifestyle and not just a short term diet is essential for success. Diets always come to an end; consequently, the excess weight slowly returns when the old lifestyle returns. Intermittent fasting is an ideal lifestyle choice for overall health, because it can be adapted to fit into anyone's daily routine, it can correct or improve many health issues and it can increase hormone levels that enhance athletic ability. Most people can easily adapt the lifestyle choice of intermittent fasting (IF) into their daily routine. First of all, intermittent
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