The Importance Of International Society For Technology In Education

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Excellence in professional practice. Administrators make technology-focused professional development a priority for themselves, as well as their staff. They actively engage in professional learning communities to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest research, technology trends, and technology tools (International Society for Technology in Education, 2017).
Systemic improvement. Administrators utilize technology to collect and analyze data in order to improve their organization. They continually assess the technology needs of their organization and respond to needs in a timely manner (International Society for Technology in Education, 2017).
Digital citizenship. Administrators recognize the importance of teaching digital citizenship to ensure students’ online interactions are safe, legal, and ethical. Additionally, they support equitable access to technology for all learners and support policies and procedures that ensure all students have access to digital tools (International Society for Technology in Education, 2017).
Technology Integration Obstacles Technology was first introduced into the classroom in the 1930s (Suzie, 2011). At that time, teachers faced several obstacles that made technology integration difficult, such as finding resources that complemented the curriculum, high cost of equipment, lack of teacher training and knowledge, and lack of necessary resources (Cuban, 1986). As technology progressed and changed, the obstacles to technology
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