The Importance Of Internet Censorship On The Internet

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The Internet was first used in the 90s and became exponentially important to our life which has uncountable benefits by connecting the world, increasing worldwide security, providing an easy access to the knowledge. While the exploration of the technology can use for several wonderful purposes, it is also a double-edged sword. Today, by searching word on google, a 6-year-old kid can easily access a legal pornography website without any troubles. This caused the controversial argument that whether or not the Internet should be censored for violent and sexual content? Even though the violent and sexual content on the Internet can bring some benefits for the adults, it should have a limit access to protect minors from the disadvantages of human sexual corruption, sexual harassment, and especially child pornography. If this idea was used all around the world, it will open a fresh future for children and a big improvement for the society.
The definition of Internet Censorship expresses as “the act of banning or blocking some or all of content that can be published, viewed and accessed online include governments, private sectors and individuals with a common goal to control what people can read and post on the World Wide Web” ( G, 2015). This is a right decision for the case of our world, where children are the victims of the sexual corruption. Some people argue that this act is a violation of their freedom which against the human rights. In fact, this is not completely true: an

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