The Importance Of Internet Memes

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Despite popular belief, memes have been around since the invention of fire. When most people think of the term “meme”, they picture a humorous image, video, or piece of text that spreads rapidly by Internet users. A meme can create dozens of slight variations. However, the theory of memes is literally an element of a culture of system of behavior that can be passed on through out individuals in that cultural. A meme existed back then if it could easily be shared, was relatable or useful to the community, and provided a feeling of belongingness to humans. Although a meme now is consider a picture on the Internet instead of the invention of the wheel. These key factors have adapted but not changed. The popularity of a meme today depends on…show more content…
It almost becomes a game to see which caption is the best. Sometimes, memes even create themselves. A funny dog posing, or a child’s sarcastic facial expression can be easy pictures to add a relatable comment to.
In other cases, instead of relating the meme to our lives, we can see the perspective of famous figures. Memes based on TV shows or famous people can sometimes be more humorous because in a since, we know the people. In the office for example, Stanley Hudson’s annoyed face, is classic Stanley. In a meme about Stewie Griffin wanted revenge, that is his character niche and we can relate back to those episodes for humor. For whatever reason variations of comments on famous peoples facial expressions is very popular in the meme world. Its as if we know them, therefore we can make fun. For example, there is a caption for everything drake does, and something sarcastic or unintelligent to go along with the Kardashians memes. Simply put, memes can bring people together. They can feed the social conversation of society today. Just like discussion a new movie or the weather, “Did you see that meme,” has become common interactions. A fact that has been as true as time, people need to feel a sense of belongingness. As you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs just above physiological and safety, lies love and belonging. The pyramid works by essential needs at the bottom and human wants towards
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