The Importance Of Internet Pornography

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Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal. Pornography may be presented in a variety of ways. Internet pornography is the most high-rated, the most viewed and highly demanded in all the ways of presenting pornography throughout the world. According to, porn sites received 450 million unique visitors in 2013. That’s It leaves an impression that no one is watching when we watch porn and the sites are very easy to access which makes its boarders infinite. We all have seen the terrible damage porn has caused to individuals and the society and most, if not all of us, knows that this social cancer has to be eliminated. Internet pornography should be banned because it consumes one’s mind, it diminishes values and it drives people away from the reality of sex. Internet pornography consumes one’s mind and activates the same addictive pathways in the brain as addicting drugs do. According to, looking at porn releases a chemical called dopamine. When this chemical is releases, it makes a person feel good. It is why a person feels pleasure when watching porn. The more porn you watch, the more dopamine your brain needs to feel good which is why porn doesn’t satisfy in as much as it used to. It changes the brain to only respond to abnormally high levels of dopamine so normal everyday activities leave you feeling unsatisfied. A raised baseline level means you need a lot more dopamine than the usual to feel
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