The Importance Of Interpersonal And Organizational Communication

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In this second individual assignment, a review of the assigned textbook, websites, and articles provide a forum to identify concepts learned that are personally considered to be the most important and why each should be considered by organizations. Learning material included topics covering the functions of leadership, interpersonal and organizational communication, organizational behavior, collaboration and teamwork, conflict management, and the Johari Window to build self-awareness and trust. The concepts chosen for this individual forum are organizational communication in the digital age, employee motivation, and managing workplace conflict.
Organizational communication
Communication is one of the fundamental functions of any business and organizations must ensure communication skills of employees are efficient and effective. In today's global economy, the traditional means of communication have grown to include multi-channel communication strategies to compete in a business environment that has become varied and complex. Satterlee (2013) notes, “to be productive and maintain a competitive edge in corporate America, those within an organization must correspond with customers in a manner that is beneficial to both the organization and customer” (p. 148).
Communication networks utilizing the internet have dramatically increased as a means to enhance effective engagement both internally and externally. Use of social media has proven to be a
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