The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication is the exchange of feelings, information, and meaning between two or more people. These exchanges occur through both verbal and non-verbal messages. Although every person experiences interpersonal communication hopefully every day, not every person is a competent communicator. There is no precise definition of a communication competence, but most agree it is both effective and appropriate. Without one or the other, the communicator will find they are usually misunderstood in their conversations. The good thing is, these people who are constantly misunderstood can learn competence. An addition, intercultural communication competence is the ability to not only effectively and appropriately communicate, but to be able to do this with people of diverse cultures. Personally, I believe I am conscientious and agreeable by nature and find it much easier to communicate appropriately, but not totally effective. My beliefs were confirmed after participating in the assessments throughout the week.
The first assessment I completed was the “Assessing You Communication: Your Use of Social Media” article to measure how much social media is integrated into my daily life. The assessment would also inform me the extent to which I have an emotional connection to my use of social media. What I discovered was that I scored a 23, five points higher than the average college student. As I read through the questions for scoring, I was reminded how much more I enjoy interacting with friends in person, but how many more of my interactions are through social media. Using this information, I will be a conscious effort to find a healthier balance of in person interactions and social media interactions.
Secondly, I took the interpersonal skills test on, and the results were surprising. The results indicated that I was extremely adept at interpreting other’s words and actions. These abilities would result in few miscommunications. The report would continue to say I understand the importance of empathy, I generally understand what others are thinking, and that I adjust myself accordingly if those I am communicating with seem confused. Overall, I received a score of 80 out of 100. This seemed way to
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