The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills On The Workplace

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1. What is the importance of interpersonal skills in the workplace? Interpersonal skills are important because they can help determine the effectiveness of a manger. It has been shown that places that have a reputation of being a good place to work have performed well in comparison to those that don’t have a good reputation. Managers that display interpersonal skills help companies attract quality employees and improve the retention of employees. Interpersonal skills in the workplace are so important because the quality of relationships in the workplace have been shown to affect job satisfaction, stress and turnover. If there are positive relationships presents, employees are more likely to have higher job satisfaction and less stress. Another reason that interpersonal skills are important is because the added organizational behavior element can help promote and improve awareness the social responsibility of a company. 2. What is the definition of organizational behavior (OB)? Per the textbook, organizational behavior is “a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations, for applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness” (Robbins 10). 3. How does systematic study contribute to our understanding of OB? Fundamental consistencies predict the behavior of employees in the workplace. In organizational behavior, a systematic study is used to make accurate predictions. A
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