The Importance Of Interpreting

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Watching the mini car round the slushy cement curb, I stop to close my eyes. Gut feeling in my stomach, I then turn around and walk away. He was lonely, he needed to make a good living. I understand that. "I work so hard. I'm sorry Catriona. I just don't get payed enough. Interpreting took years to get licensed. It took a lot of work, a lot of money. I'm in so much debt, and I'm not happy." Somethings can't simply be saved by the bell. He is gone. Financially, we are so forlorn, or at least that's how it feels. The only person that can actually help me communicate is gone. It almost feels right to cry; however, my eyes won't fill up with tears, and my only family is watching my back. I refuse to cry in front of my mom. Dad isn't even around…show more content…
It'll make her feel better if I let her help me. She won't even be eating her mashed potatoes, gravy, and chicken because all she seems to want to eat are pretzels and ice cream for a snack. And really, besides the baby, she has gained a lot of weight. It's hard. It's especially hard when you don't have enough money and a baby's on the way. It's hard when you need more support from your husband. It's hard when you're unemployed and he's employed, but he can also find a way to get out of the house to help a friend in his free time. It's hard when you know he's a good guy, but he just can't understand anybody else's point of view. Now she just lays around and remains quiet. I can't stress it enough. I know it's super hard mom, but look at me. I see you like this everyday, I eat the same left over dinners everyday, I get stares everyday. It feels as if I'm alone even though I sit right next to Derek in science class. It feels as if nobody understands, and maybe that's because I'm too afraid to speak out or can't even communicate. Sometimes I can feel so bad about myself, even when what I feel is the opposite in reality. It feels like a heavy weight on my back, but it's more than that. The mood or feeling I have is like an endless rainy day. Every single time you are going to step outside, every single time you will get shivers of cold precipitation. The rain feels creates
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