The Importance Of Interrogating A Suspect Before He Or She Is Arrested

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MIRANDA 2 Miranda The Police have many different ways of interrogating a suspect before he or she is arrested. Some individuals feel very intimidated when being questioned by law enforcement about a crime( Mcgraw, Hill 2011). As a Chief Investigator in the criminal division of the Hardeman County Sheriff Department, it is very important that every person knows what the Fifth Amendment simply means. The Fifth Amendment states “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an…show more content…
After the interview, Miranda gave a full confession of the crime against the eighteen year old girl. The two officers after Miranda confessed, then had him to sign a statement that was voluntary and that he was advised of his rights. The officers knew at this time that this was a violation of his right as a citizen, but they continued (Melvin, 2011). MIRANDA 3 Mr. Miranda was convicted in this case and appealed on grounds that he was in police custody and was unaware of his rights before he confessed to the crime. The U.S. Supreme court ruled in favor of Mr. Miranda. This sent a big message to the law enforcement community. The Court held that Miranda’s confession could not be used because it was not voluntary. The police did not make Mr. Miranda confess, but he was in custody, in an interrogation room and was not read his Fifth Amendment rights. The Court also acknowledges that the police always have inherent power when it deals with custody of a suspect and should inform them of their right (Melvin, 2011). This was a case that many law enforcement officers across the world learned the importance of Miranda. It is important for families to have closure when a violent crime has been committed. The officer should have
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