The Importance Of Intervention From The Arctic Council

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The Arctic contributes a distinctive region which combines a unique biosphere and a wealth of natural resources, which often become a source of controversy. This paper will argue that the significant climate changes which are taking place in the Arctic Region open new pathways for economic opportunism for Russia, which calls for radical intervention from the Arctic Council. Firstly, this case study will give a framework of the main theory which will be used throughout in order to justify the importance of intervention from the Arctic Council. The main theorist used is Oran Young, who provides an agenda in how institutions such as the Arctic Council should function effectively in the Arctic. Moreover, the climate changes which are taking…show more content…
Furthermore, through institutionalism, one can understand that the lack of intervention from non-state actors contributes to this idea of economic logic over environmental sustainability. Arguably based on institutionalism the European actors in the Arctic, which are familiar with intervention from institutions, are influenced for instance by UNEP when it comes in to make a decision in the specific area. Consequently, this is helpful to understand why a state such as Russia is more economically and military antagonistic and less prone to cooperate with the other seven states of the area over the natural resources in the Arctic.
Institutionalism is a theory which bases its principles of the idea that there is a ‘need for stronger global institutions and norms as well as sufficient state and local capacity to constrain and direct the global political economy’ (Clapp and Dauvergne, 2011, 7). More specifically, the ideas of institutionalism do not set aside ideas such as global economic growth and foreign investment in areas of extreme wealth in natural resources such as the Arctic. Nonetheless, they simultaneously underline the importance of environmental sustainability which is succeeded through the setting of institutional norms which will channel a better environmental management in addition to sustainable growth. As mentioned in the work of Oran Young, a political scientist
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