The Importance Of Interviewing An Interview

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When preparing for an interview, a great deal of thought and consideration needs to be completed before the interview even begins. The person conducting the interview needs to think about where the interview is going to take place, the time of which it will occur at, and what kind of technology will be used. They need to review the file and consider who is being interviewed, what the person has experienced, and how they may be affected. Interviewing someone is a crucial part of policing, and ultimately helps police solve crimes. When it is done properly, it can be very successful, but if it is not done properly, it could ultimately end an investigation. Therefore, an interview can either be successful or not, and here are some points displaying the success and improvements that can be done in interviews.
Throughout the videos, there were many times in which the interviewer was successful and conducted a good interview. The interview room was assembled appropriately, except for the table, which could have acted as a barrier between them. The proxemics amongst them was at a good distance for an interviewer and a victim. His pitch and tone of voice remained calm and relaxing throughout the interview. Due to her traumatic state, it was very important that he remained calm. There were some signs of good communication from him, including positive eye contact and active listening. Throughout the duration of the interview, he was taking a few notes, but he continued to
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